Manor Monthly-September& October

We started out the month of September with a fantastic Italian feast, complete with live entertainment by Robert Lupi. He danced with Suzanne, and serenaded Marilyn! Jose’ laughed at the song “Hey Goombadi!” Leo and Vinny also enjoyed the afternoon of good food, music and fun!
Leo, Ron, Marilyn, and Jose’ all had fun apple picking at March Farm in Bethlehem. When we got back home, Ron, Marilyn and Sheila all helped bake a delicious apple pie. YUM! Peeling the apples was fun, we used a contraption that spun the apples around to peel them.

Olga and Sandy enjoyed a day out shopping. Olga bought herself a comfy new pair of shoes.
Aurelia, Jose’, Leo, and Marilyn visited the horses and goats at Full Circle Horse rescue farm. Aurelia especially loved the day, getting “hugs and kisses” from the horses. One of the horses mistook her finger for a carrot! She was ok, though. Leo and Aurelia walked the horses around the ring. Thank you to Nanette, the owner of the farm, for such a lovely day! We are working on pictures to give to her the next time we visit.
We shot some hoops out in the yard on a beautiful early fall afternoon. Janet, Darlene, and Vinny all got the ball in the basket. Monique laughed at how bad Wendy is a basketball, repeatedly missing the basket!
Sandy is looking good and feeling great!
Happy September Birthdays to Janet and Bill! Aurelia, Sandy and Vinny celebrated their birthdays in October. I hope you all enjoyed your special days. We are all enjoying the cupcakes and pies!
Everyone had a fabulous time at our picnic, visiting with Rhonda, Barbara, and Brian. It was so nice to see our old friends!
Congratulations to Jose’ for quitting smoking, we are all so proud of you, Jose’! He hasn’t had a cigarette in two months!
Aurelia, Ron, Janet, Leo and Marilyn enjoyed a lovely leaf peeping drive through the country, followed by a stop at the farmers market and cider donuts in the Woodbury gazebo.
Sheila, Suzanne, Marilyn and Janet all painted beautiful leaf pictures. They are framed and hung around the manor for fall. We are going to put our work in an art show in February. We can’t wait to show off our work!
Suzanne donated two of her gorgeous afghans to Carolyn’s place, the local shelter for mothers. They will keep some moms and their babies warm this winter. Beautiful job, Sue!
William looks dapper in his new clothes, and he met a new friend while we were out shopping.
Everyone had a great time when trick or treaters visited the manor. We had so much fun choosing costumes and dressing up to give candy to the kids! Eugene was so scary in his werewolf mask! The kids were from the Bethlehem busy stitchers 4H club.
Leo, Jose’, Marilyn, Ron and Janet all had a great day in the “Haunted pumpkin patch” at March farms. On the way home we drove through the beautiful countryside in Bethlehem, enjoying the fall foliage.
Olga, Darlene, Janet, Jose’, and Sheila all played a special “Halloween Bingo” game. Olga won the grand prize of $3!
We had a Halloween lunch of “mummy” hot dogs, “witch fingers” (French fries) and tangerine “pumpkins” Thanks to Stephen for cooking! After lunch we went to see the movie “Hocus Pocus” at the library. What fun!
We extend our deepest condolences to Jose’ and his family for the loss of his mother, and to Barbara Lutkus and family for the loss of her mother. Our hearts go out to you both.
Wishing you Peace, Health and Happiness,
Wendy Shreve
Recreation Director
Pleasant View Manor
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