Manor Monthly-July & August

Our Fourth of July was fabulous! With a delicious flag cake decorated with whipped cream and berries, and a wonderful BBQ lunch cooked by our awesome staff, everyone had a great time. Amanda Hetric treated the residents to lovely patriotic songs on her clarinet.

Darlene, Albert, Vinny, Ron, Marilyn, and José loved their day out at KFC, Fried Chicken, YUM!

Aurelia, Marilyn and José had a nice time at the Middlebury library. Marilyn made a card to send to the troops, while Aurelia and José browsed the book selection. We all enjoyed the big comfy chairs and air conditioning on a hot, muggy day!

Ron, José and Janet marveled at the Chinese acrobat show at the Watertown Library. The woman performed some amazing feats, and she was an inspiration at 50 years old!

Sue, José, Bill, Marilyn and Janet went to the Washington Art museum, where they critiqued the beautiful abstract artwork and chose their favorite pieces.  It was inspiring to see such lovely artwork, and we learned that art doesn’t have to be “perfect” it just has to come from the heart! Afterward Janet, Sue and Marilyn looked around at the fancy boutique, we all love sparkly jewelry!

Sue, Sheila, Enid, Aurelia and Marilyn love ladies day, a manicure always makes a girl feel good!

Bill, Eugene, Marilyn, Sue, and Janet all rocked out to “60’s Satisfaction” concert at the Southbury Green. They played The Doors, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Cream, all the favorites. Marilyn danced the night away, and was exhausted by the time we left! We have also seen “The Beatles Experience”, “The Sounds of Frank”, a Frank Sinatra tribute, and the Willie and Jan band.

Marilyn, Janet and Ron watched the movie Finding Nemo at the Middlebury Library.


Everyone enjoyed a visit from our favorite veterans, Rich and Brian, and Brian’s wife Beth.  Jennifer made salads, and Nilda helped serve a picnic dinner, while Rich and Brian cooked on the grill. Ron and Eugene loved playing a game of cornhole.  Brian was having a “blast” playing with rocket balloons. (Yes, the pun was intended!)  For desert we had delicious strawberry shortcake!

Happy birthday to Eugene! We celebrated on July 26 with a pineapple upside down cake. Thank you to Cindy for baking, it was so moist and delicious!

Sue, Janet and Marilyn had a beautiful day walking through the flower fields at White Flower Farm. Some of the blossoms were bigger than our heads! Sue looked simply gorgeous, dahhling, in an adorable red hat she tried on in the gift shop.

Vinnie, Leo, Marilyn and Aurelia had a wonderful lunch at one of our favorite spots, The Split Rail restaurant.

Aurelia, Sue, Marilyn and Ron all enjoyed the tear jerker movie, “A Dog’s Purpose” at the Middlebury Library. (I have to admit, I got a little teary myself!)

The Watertown Library has put on some fantastic shows this summer! Ron, Janet, Leo, and Marilyn were all intrigued by “Magic by George”, While Bill indulged his literary senses and found some good poetry books to bring home to read.

Darlene, Marilyn and Ron saw Todd Brodeur, a world class Frisbee champion, also at the Watertown Library.

We are savoring these last days of summer. Jose’, Ron, Aurelia Janet and Marilyn had a relaxing picnic at Longmeadow pond in Bethlehem.

Aurelia had a lovely lunch out with Pastor Prause and his wife, followed by cupcakes in honor of Mrs. Prause’s birthday. She is very happy to have been in contact recently with her brother and sister.

Monique loves going out with her brother. She flashed me a big smile when I ran into her at lunch in McDonalds.

Sandy has been feeling much better lately, and is looking forward to being able to go on nice long walks again.

August is a busy month for birthdays! Happy Birthday wishes to Sue, Sheila, Leo, and Ron. Sue asked for a chocolate banana cream pie, Sheila and Leo both wanted vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and Ron had strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting. That is a lot of candles, and a lot of cake! I hope you each enjoyed your special days!

I had a nice chat with Olga and Aurelia over a delicious baked fish meal that Cindy made for lunch. She’s such a good cook!

We learned about history during a trip to the Tapping Reeve house in Litchfield, the oldest law school in New England. Janet, Suzanne, Marilyn, Eugene, and Ron enjoyed the beautiful weather on the outing.

Eugene, Leo, Sue and Marilyn had a “Caribbean vacation” OK, so we were in Southbury, but we had fun! After a Caribbean style lunch with pineapple chicken and homemade cookies, we listened to live music and “wasted the day away in Margaritaville!”.  Suzanne donned the fun hat and lei!


I would like to thank Debby Horowitz from the Western CT Area Agency on Aging for coming to the manor to present the workshop “Live Well with chronic illness” The residents learned some new skills for taking control of their own health, such as relaxation and breathing techniques, effective communication, healthy eating, and physical activity. Who knew that how you breathe could have such a profound effect on how you feel! They got some tips for dealing with anxiety, depression, pain and negative emotions. Everyone who has attended the class has benefitted from it. Sue, Sheila, Aurelia, Ron, Jose, Eugene, Bill Janet, Leo, and Albert have all come to the class!

Everyone wishes Jennifer well on her next adventure as a college nursing instructor. Go Jennifer!

Wishing you Peace, Health and Happiness

Wendy Shreve

Recreation Director,

Pleasant View Manor

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