Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

From the Desk of Cory M. Boisvert


Dear family and friends of Pleasant View Manor

I hope that this finds all of you healthy and happy despite the difficult times that are upon us.  I know that everywhere you look and read you can’t avoid seeing something about the worldwide pandemic that we are all living through and now calling our new normal, but I felt it necessary to reach out to everyone and address our current status.

Pleasant View Manor still to date remains a COVID free community.  This is because of the collective efforts of everyone, residents and staff.  We have had to make some very difficult decisions on how we operate here in order to keep us safe.  We are no longer allowing visitors which I know has been difficult on everyone.  We are also not allowing outside vendors or repair agencies in unless it is an absolute necessity and we have changed the way we accept pharmacy and food deliveries. The visiting healthcare providers still remain one of our high risk visitors but I assure you they are taking the necessary precautions and wearing the recommended PPE in order to take care of our residents.

I am extremely proud of our staff at Pleasant View Manor for their hard work and their sacrifices that they make on a daily basis to come in here and do their jobs.  The facility is cleaned thoroughly and disinfected every day and the staff members make sure personal hygiene policies are being followed. The residents are very fortunate to have the staff that they have taking care of the day to day needs of everyone; they really are an exceptional group of people.

Pleasant View Manor is going above and beyond our normal cleaning regimen in the near future and bringing in a company called American Integrity Restoration to perform a deep clean process.  The process is called Sterimist Sanitation.  The process uses a 7.8% peroxide sanitizing solution that is used nationwide in hospitals emergency and operating rooms.  It is safe and CDC approved.  There are little to no harmful effects. We plan on this being done mid-May and we will work with safe guarding the residents during the process.

Please feel free to contact Pleasant View Manor, the staff and or administration for any concerns or questions that you may have during this difficult and challenging time.  Stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to returning to a more normal setting in the near future.