Manor Monthly – May & June 2017


Even though it was still chilly and cloudy outside, José, Marilyn, Bill, Ron and Leo all had a lovely afternoon at Laurel Ridge in Northfield. We took a nice walk through the daffodil field. Spring can come any time now!

Everyone had a fun day celebrating Cinco De Mayo! Jennifer made tacos for lunch and we drank mock margaritas with little umbrellas in them. After lunch we listened to José play his guitar. Nice job José!

Leo, José and Marilyn went to watch the Watertown baseball team play at Deland field. What an exciting game! It was tied 3 to 3 until the last inning, when Watertown hit a home run and won the game!

Our craft projects throughout the month of May have been to make fairy houses and accessories to enter into a fairy festival at the Bellamy Ferriday house in Bethlehem. We have had so much fun creating an adorable little fairy village for the children to enjoy! Suzanne, Sheila, Marilyn, Janet and Ron each made something to submit for judging in the festival. Sheila and Suzanne earned an honorable mention for their pond, and Ron earned honorable mention for his fire breathing dragon. I hope the dragon doesn’t burn down the village! The ladies were awarded purses, and Ron got a turtle trinket box. Great job everyone! Marilyn, José, Eugene and Sue went to the Bellamy Ferriday house to view the village on display.

Winter turned straight to summer, and boy it was hot!

We had a lovely afternoon at Longmeadow Pond in Bethlehem. Ron went fishing and Jose kept him company, while Marilyn and Janet played horseshoes and relaxed under the shady trees. This is the life! We all enjoyed it so much we went again, the second     time Leo joined us and went fishing.

After a delicious lunch at the Split Rail restaurant in Woodbury, Vinny, Leo, Marilyn and Jose took time to stop and smell the flowers at The Garden florist shop. José was intrigued by a coconut plant that reminded him of his childhood in Puerto Rico.

We celebrated Memorial Day with a picnic lunch, and a cake decorated like a flag, with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberry stripes. YUM! Thanks to the staff for a fabulous lunch!

Marilyn and Sue have been  enjoying a little art therapy. Marilyn painted a beautiful azalea flower. She didn’t know she had an artist in her!

Enid, Aurelia, Sheila, Sue, and  Marilyn have all been relaxing with a little pampering, having weekly hand massages and manicures. We have tried purple, blue, yellow, pink, red, and they even talked Wendy into trying green! We decided that the green looked like something from the movie Shrek.

Aurelia loved playing with a cute dog that Marilyn’s family brought in to visit.

June second was National Donut Day! Vinny, Ron, Darlene, Janet, Leo, Marilyn, Sue, José and Eugene all went out to Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee with a free donut! Everyone who chose not to go out was treated to one of Jennifer’s delicious homemade apple cinnamon donuts.

We have been enjoying free movies at the Middlebury Library. José, Ron and Marilyn saw Sing!, and Sue, Marilyn, Leo and Bill watched LaLa Land.

We have been rockin’ out to the tunes at the free concerts on the Southbury Green. Eugene, Marilyn and Sue saw the band “Eight to the Bar”, and Leo, Marilyn, Bill. Eugene, Sue and José saw “The Savage Brothers” both were fabulous shows! Marilyn and Sue both got up and boogied to the music.  Eugene’s smile says it all! He sang on the way home.

Aurelia wore a pretty dress and had her nails done for a lovely day out with her friends. She has been doing a great job keeping track of the flag status,which we change on our bulletin board, and then raise and lower the flag outside accordingly.  Thanks for your help Aurelia!

The “Queen of Regal Care” invited us to a special BINGO game! Janet, Ron, José, and Sue all joined the fun, and won small prizes. José won a scratch ticket worth five dollars! Thank you to Linda at Regal Care for inviting us! BINGO is always a favorite pastime, we play at the manor often. Olga, Darlene, José, Ron, Janet, Marilyn, and Sheila all love to play.

It was a beautiful sunny day when we left to go to the Hollister House Garden in Washington, but as soon as we got there it started to rain!  That’s life in New England. José, Marilyn and Janet were good sports, but we didn’t want to stay long. We do want to go back on a nice day, the garden is gorgeous!

Darlene had a nice shopping trip to buy herself some new clothes, followed by coffee and a donut at Dottie’s Diner in Woodbury.

We went on our annual trip to Quassy Amusement park on Monday, June 22. Ron, Sue, Marilyn and José had a fabulous day! Thanks to the Boisverts for treating everyone to a lovely boat ride on the Quassy Queen! We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for trip.

Sandy has been feeling much better, she seems to be happy to be back home!

We finished out the month of June with a trip to the Southbury library to see the MuUyas Chamber Trio, a group of young Taiwanese musicians from the Hartt school of music at the University of Hartford.  José, Marilyn, Sue and Janet all enjoyed listening to the lovely chamber music.


This is just a summary of the highlights at the manor.

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Wishing you Peace, Health and Happiness

Wendy Shreve

Wendy Shreve

Recreation Director, Pleasant View Manor